What's Shinca?


Founded by an international actor-producer Shin Koyamada and Nia Lyte in 2005 in Los Angeles, Shinca Entertainment is an American independent entertainment studio with divisions of films and shows (Shinca Pictures), comics (Shinca Comics), and games and digital stickers (Shinca Studios). For over 15 years, Shinca has produced numerous award-winning storytelling projects working with diverse and aspiring entertainment professionals whom the company has developed working relationships internationally.




Shadow Glass is an award-winning 14-minute short film starring Ava Hall. The film was directed & written by Jay Lee (Sony's "Zombi Strippers")and produced by Nia Lyte and Shin Koyamada (WB's "The Last Samurai").

OUTLINE: Zoey (Ava Hall) has a secret. She can hide in plain sight. Her misery, her darkness, a world fails to recognize. Zoey's true demise, lies behind a fractured disguise.


The Dreamhoppers is a 24-page American original comic book published by Shinca Comics and Laizen Comics. The comic was illustrated by Travis Moore, an illustrator from DC Comics' Freedom Fighters, Justice Society of America, Wonder Woman, Sword of Sorcery, etc.. and created and produced by Shin Koyamada (actor from The Last Samurai). Nia Lyte and Travis Moore. The Dreamhoppers is an action adventure about the supernatural powers given to certain people known as Dreamhoppers.